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Protect - Smart home presence system

How can we protect our homes from burglary?

Every three minutes there is a break-in in Germany, especially during a long absence on holiday or in dark seasons. An indication of absence is the lack of light in the house or the lack of switching on and off lamps.

Date: 2013
Type of project: Student project
Project time: 4 months


The change between light and dark is a deterrent for burglars, because it means someone is home.

The original brief was about improving current timers, their construction and potential use cases. What I found out, that a lot of people use timers, to turn on their lights at home, to keep potential burglars away. The problem here was mostly the complicated settings, the user had to understand for installing the timer for each lamp. Another problem was the missing randomness at long absence, like in holidays.

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The Protect Light System is a home-based presence simulation designed to deter potential intruders in the event of prolonged absences. In front of freely selectable lamps, an adapter is installed once for each. To arm the system, turn on the lights and turn on the main adapter. Now randomly distributed lamps in the house are turned alternately on and off by radio. The system is characterized in particular by its independence. Annoying and complicated setting of times is eliminated, thanks to the integrated calendar and light sensor. Light radiation is detected, evaluated and, if necessary, the light simulation is activated. In the late evening, all the lights are turned off one after the other and are not reactivated until the morning. The light ring provides information about the number of lamps activated. The basic system consists of one transmitter and two receivers. This can be extended at any time if required.

technical explosion